Will we have the Infinite Flight Community Awards 2019?

I was wondering if we will have the Infinite Flight Community Awards this year as I haven’t seen any major announcement yet.
The awards of the 2018 were a apparently a big success done by IFCA and a 2019 version will be nice to see.
Does anyone know more about that?


I’m assuming we will. It’s too early probably for them to have any news as it’s still around a month and a half till the new year.


Personally, I think they will. They should give us the Heads Up when they start the cycle.

and i hope i get nominated


@RednoseHeavy it should take place around New Years. I’m all out for making something like a discord server to communicate

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To communicate with all forum members? Isn’t that why IF made the forum?


I know I’m not being a nominee…

So, who’s doing this?😛


I am making this currently. I’ve started working on nominees yesterday, and I’m looking for some assistants.


I can help you!

I’m actually working on a few things for the new year, and I need help. If you want to help shoot me a PM. (You too @MishaCamp, we need your help too ;)

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Starz, i’d be happy to help!

PM me if your willing to help.

If anyone is wondering, I am currently in contact with mods and are working it out. @Starz did you contact mods yet? I have contacted them and from what it looks, I’m hosting it. I’ve also talked to @Plane-Train-TV (the host of last year’s IFCA) and he was fine with me doing it.


I was in the middle of typing to the mods as you sent that.

Time to delete a week worth of planning.

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You could collaborate with @Infinite_Flight_Sims if he’s up for it so your planning doesn’t go to waste :)

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like @Anshul28 said, Collab is always better, you can merge ideas, fuse them into 1 and it’s great communication and fooooood 😉


If you need some help with it, I can help. I can even be “That guy” who presents the nominations. Lol.

To be honest I could take it Misha. 😜 I’d just… never mind I shouldn’t have that power.

I think @Starz is taking care of it.

Nah, @Infinite_Flight_Sims is. I brought up the idea of a collab like some people above stated but he preferred working on his own.

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