Will we ever see improved sound effects?

I feel that improved sound affects would improve the realism. The reverse thrusts need a better sound and maybe even when you are in the cockpit, and you use the reverse thrust, the camera leans forward slightly.

The flaps sound should be re done as well in my opinion, it sounds to high pitch when inside the cockpit. Anyone else agree?

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I agree! There are some crucial sounds missing, and the current sound packs could be better. I heard that’s mostly due to the high price of high-quality sound packs and some multiplayer problems when different sounds are played in 3D space from different locations. I still hope for some new sounds like for the flaps or some other sounds to come out!

Hi there,
These do sound like great suggestions, however, just like any other app suggestion, you will need to create a feature request through #features if you would like to see changes to the app


See Chris’ response above please, thanks!