Will we ever have fog fixed?

Sorry for what seems like a redundant post, but I have been subscribed to IF for about two years and it is extremely rare that I encounter fog these days. I used to look forward to challenges (such as landing in fog), but this App is letting me down month after month.

Why is it that even if I seek out regions / airports that absolutely have fog in the real world I can’t see fog? Only after REPLAY do I see lots of fog.

Is there any priority to address this issue? Some of us really would like to see this aspect fixed if possible. Thank you IF, otherwise for an excellent FS app!


Fog is something that isn’t really a good feature currently in IF, and I think has something to do with the rendering quality of our devices, it happens to all of us.

Clouds have been confirmed to be in development 😊


It may be fixed when clouds come out? (I’m not speculating)

But it will be fixed when it is, you have to be patient.

Have a good day!


I am patient. As I stated, I’ve been using this app for two years. But the fact remains that many have inquired about this in the past.

Nothing wrong with asking, right?

Actually, you are speculating.


Wow, calm down. First, I’m making a guess, I don’t know why you need to look it up. I’m trying to help him. So, instead of telling me I’m speculating, why don’t we try to help him?


Hi there!

“Our first iteration of clouds is being prepared to begin beta testing, although this is still something our developers are not attaching a timeframe to.”

As quoted from here.

Not sure which way you meant this, apologies if you meant as in ButterAllDay ws speculating if it was to be fixed or not. Still a definition was unnecessary.

100% agree you can adjust fog in solo but it’s still not correct you can still see in runway even in 100m visibility

Fog is currently in the sim, it’s just not working properly on live. This issue is known.

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I agree.

During my Sub I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen fog honestly. Yes, I’ve seen it once actually.

I am looking forward to the update with the first version of clouds, though!

I agree with you 100%, it’s so disappointing to be flying into a low-vis airport when you can see the runway from 20 NM out, but as soon as you land the fog rolls in


Thank you all for your feedback. I do hope that we can all look forward to this. Sorry if I ruffled anyone’s feathers. I just like challenges and fog is certainly one that brings that level of challenge!


And somehow fog shows out of nowhere almost every time I’m on final approach and flying a visual… Loads of fog in Amsterdam!

I remember fog was featured a lot when the Q400 was released and it was really effective at some airports like a layer in a valley. I haven’t seen that for a while.

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