Will We Be Able To Copy VNAV

I am just wondering in 20.1 will we be able to copy vnav from sites like fpltoif or will we have to put it in manually?
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To start off, VNAV will only work while descending. The altitudes (at least while descending/climbing) provided by Simbrief on FPLtoIF are rough estimates and it will be unlikely for you not to be adjusting them while descending. You will also be able to set altitudes for STAR approaches, so the altitudes provided by FPLtoIF will not be needed.


I don’t think we will know until it comes out and we don’t really do speculation here so I guess we will have to wait and see :P

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I also have question, does update have speed NAV? Autopilot can change speed.

Not exactly sure what you mean but all will be revealed when it gets released.

No the devs have said in the VNAV blog post that you will still be responsible for managing speed.


i mean like when you copy i flightplan from fpltoif will you be able to have vnav be added to the dlight plan just from copy and paste

We don’t know whether the dev of fpltoif.com will add this - probably but given Simbrief.com nor fpltoif.com doesn’t take into account altitude restrictions in SIDs and STARs - you will probably have to manually change the altitudes anyway to reflect these.

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Not right now as altitude information isn’t provided when you copy and paste a flight plan. If you copy from another FPL in app the ALTs will copy too though.

You FPLtoIF FPL will give you a STAR though most of the time, so you will be able to select that in IF and it’ll have the altitudes automatically.

You will also be able to add to FPL in IF by pasting and you will have the option to now ‘add to’ or ‘replace’ your current FPL.


Thanks misha

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