Will This Be Ok?

Good Morning IFC,
currently flying KEYW-KDAB in my gold trusty 172 registered N456DX. I am cursing at a VFR altitude of 5500ft. I’m gonna fly near airspace on the way so I routed around that since I will not be able to watch the flight. Will ATC or approach send me an on guard message and if I don’t reply will I get ghosted? Here’s my plane for better visuals:

Thank you, have a nice day,

the video file isn’t working ( for me at least)

Same for me.

Ok one second. It’s always worked before. Let me redo it

You are cruising too low but for VFR is acceptable. Also, when flying VFR, pilots are supposed to be in the device as you are flying thanks to landmarks (rivers, mountains)

It is pretty probable that Approach will on-guard you as you will be passing airspace and your best choice is to answer or pm the controller

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Ok. I’m fixing yeh video right now

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Wait that’s weird it’s not working again. Maybe the discourse update

well it seems to be working now.

Oh it is lol

If you won’t be at your device, it may be better to fly IFR and fly at the IFR altitude accordingly. VFR is indeed visual flight rules, so technically you should be at your device at all times.

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For people who it isn’t working for this is the closest I’ll be to airspace

You’re wondering if KDAB ATC will contact you?

No since I’m landing but will any other ATC maybe contact me

None of the other airports should be open.

If you are at 5,500 Feet AGL, you should be fine, since you won’t be in the tower’s airspace. But, if you are below 5,000 Feet AGL, it is recommended that you request a transition at Daytona, especially since you are VFR.

I’m landing at Daytona so I should be fine

Daytona Beach is beautiful! Yea Are you landing on the jet runway? It looks like you have it set to just the airport.

When I contact KDAB tower I’m gonna request the 7R which is only 3000

Ok great. Because landing with a Cessna on the LONG runway is highly unrealistic