Will they one day animate the 787 cockpit?

I have been flying the 787 lately in all its variants, I find it a beautiful aircraft and very well simulated in IF. I have noticed that the cockpit is excellent well designed and in my opinion is the best in the game besides the A350! But the doubt of mine is, will they ever animate this beauty?


I’m sure down the line they plan to have live cockpits in all of the planes in IF. It’s just a matter of time. Currently they are heavily focused on the CL35 and the A380 rework but the 787 could be next in line for the rework.


They might sometime idk though cause it’s really not that old maybe after some more older planes get reworked or added

I agree that the 787 needs a cockpit rework, if not an entire rework. To support this idea, I highly recommend you vote for this request: Boeing 787 Family Rework



I think the 767 will get reworked before the 787.

One day? Yes.

When? Don’t know