Will they add the PIA livery on the 777-200ER?

I know they are going to put it on the Boeing 777-200LR, but will they also put it on the Extended range of the Boeing 777-200?

I don’t know maybe in a future update…And welcome to the forums!

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Thanks, but recently I bought the 777-200ER by mistake as I didn’t know the PIA was the boeing 777-200LR.


It’s unlikely the livery will be in the 200er

They have it on the -200LR :)

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There’s no point in adding the livery on a nearly identical plane so very likely it won’t be.


I wonder what theyre going to do with the Delta 777-200ER after the 777-200LR was added.

I always thought they added the DL 77L because there are so few 77L liveries in existence so to offer enough liveries they would add it. That said, it would be unfair to remove the DL 77E since many people have already paid for it. But I’m not them so take what I say with a grain of salt though.

Seems fair enough, I’m not the judge but let’s see what happens.

Are you on iOS? By the way, welcome! :)

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