Will there ever be a triple-decker?

Not likely, however when airspace has fully recovered from 9/11, and begins the rapid expansion or even better than the one we saw in the 70’s and 80’s (before the soviets shot down a Korean plane) we will see the need for big planes able to carry 800 passengers, they will need to be fuel efficient and able to land and takeoff on 10000ft runways.

Right now it’s like the 797 and possibly the A370 will be just fuel efficient planes.


I think in this case, a future double decker will be an option with using carbon fibre so they can use twin-engines. But now, Airlines prefer to have more frequencies instead of adding capacities. Hence why -9X doesn’t make many airlines interested

Big Planes are only can be used on airlines that adopts Hub and Spoke system. Here are some of the examples of them :

  • Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Turkish
  • Etihad
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Cathay
  • ANA

While on the other hand, Those carriers who adopts Point-to-Point system would prefer smaller aircrafts as they don’t provide a connection with other flights. So the only prospective customers of these triple/double decker planes are only big airlines like ME3s


Singapore Airlines already ordered 20 of 777-9x, but they really want a larger plane than 9x. So the demand for bigger planes is building up.

Airbus predicted that airport congestion would get worse to the point in Mid-2020s that Airbus 380 would be needed to relieve the congestion. I can only imagine three decks plane will have to come after that since airport can’t really handle a plane longer than 300 feet. Boeing built a taxing stimulator to see if Boeing 777-300 could get around at airport when 777 was in development so there was telling sign that there is limit on length.


I really enjoy the discussion so far, no fight at all. Just a nice discussion full of details. Topics should be like this.


Those -9X are used to replace 19+5 A380-800s on SIA Fleet. 777-9X can only target A380/747 Customers actually. But I’m not sure if they might continue their orders as currently, SIA is abit struggling with some A380 routes

It could be possible, maybe not hold as much passengers as the A380 but hold 350-450, Could be easier for people to board, and it won’t be as long so risk of tail strikes would be lower compared to a 777.

i believe airbus thought of discontinuing the A380 and middle east carriers convinced them not to. In my personal opinion, 747, A380, all double deckers will extinguish in some time. Comercial aviation is turning into 787 A350 777 A330 kind of planes so a triple decker will never happen.

Again, my opinion.


No the Airbus A380 is even too big for most airlines it has it been a success for Airbus.

Mi don’t think 9/11 effects it now maybe in the USA but people aren’t scared to fly mostly. The main growth will be in India and China. I think the market has recovered and the need for lots of Airbus A380 will never be there

I personally would say no for a variety of reasons.

  • The “Hub and Spoke” way of doing things is starting to come to a slow end starting with the A350 and 787 series. It makes more sense overall to fly directly from an airport to another rather than a connecting.

  • Unless we get some magical breakthrough in engine and fuel consumption, an aircraft of this size would be extremely uneffecient.

  • Going back to my first point, it would be extremely hard to fill up a triple decker with passengers.

But those are just my reasoning, I could very well be wrong. :)

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If there is ever a need for it, then they will most likely make one! :)

It seems like the A380 already has a hard time being sold, and it rarely ever fills up every seat. I think a triple decker would fail to sell.

I really doubt it as airlines are downsizing. Qantas are replacing their 747 fleet with 787-9s, and eventually the A380 fleet as well. United have replaced their 747s with many other single deck aircraft. The demand for bigger aircraft is rapidly decreasing.

That would probably seat about 1,400 people. 😳 There comes a point that you can’t add any more because it becomes too dangerous. Just think if that thing had an issue and crashed. There’d be nearly half the amount of people killed on 9/11 in a bad situation on that plane.


I think in the future. Not anytime soon though. Don’t think we can quite lift that weight off the ground.

We’ve already exceeded our carrying capacity. But, this would be ridiculous if it were to ever happen.

Maybe. But if there ever was a triple decker, airlines might not order it because they need fuel efficiency and a larger aircraft doesn’t necessarily means it is going to be efficient.

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