Will there ever be a triple-decker?

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I wanted to know your thoughts of their ever be a triple-decker plane (like the A380 but with an additional floor). Do you think it is possible? Will it ever happen? If so When do you think it will happen?


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I feel like it would be a waste. When will it ever be full?


The world of aviation is expanding faster than we think. ;)


Just my opinion here, I’m going to say probably not. One of our more scientific centered members can likely fill us in on the physics behind such a design. I don’t ever see that capacity being necessary.


It’s really easy, the answer is : no.


It’s physically impossible, for a variety of reasons. Plus, it would be hard to fill it up with passengers!


It would be too heavy yeh but imagine a triple floor plane takeoff infront of you…wow

Maybe in eighty years when humans overpopulate the Earth to the MAX


No. I don’t think that will ever happen, simply because the demand isn’t there for that number of passengers. Even if Airbus or Boeing were to figure out the physics of flight behind a triple decker, no airlines would buy it because it’s simply too much of a risk - especially given that the A380 detracted a couple potential customers with the huge price tag, new pilot training that was required and airport restrictions it has upon it. I know the problem with the US carriers and the A380 was the fact that they’d rather have more frequency on routes, rather than taking 500+ pax in one go. So based on these problems the A380 had with it - I would be gobsmacked if something like this rolled out of a hangar any time in the next 50 years.


I don’t think that it will be happening since both Airbus and Boeing are struggling to keep making their double decker (747 & 380).


You people aren’t considering the potential a design like this could have for cargo, not passengers. Something this large in size would allow for the transport of almost anything.


It could be very good for cargo airlines, your right!

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So a Beluga XXL or a Dreamlifter XXL?

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Nah, it’s the A399 Cargo ;)

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The A380 doesn’t always fill up.


The same things stand though. Put it this way - if cargo companies such as UPS, TNT and DHL wanted something bigger than a 747-400 for freight services - i.e. an A380, I’m sure Airbus would’ve obliged happily at the time (let’s say 2010) given that they were probably a bit short of orders, but there was no demand for cargo airlines to able to carry that much freight in a single flight. The fact is that they didn’t and that’s partly the reason why there are no cargo-only A380s, that coupled with the reasons I also stated above. ^


I agree but both airplanes specially the a380 wing spawn is barely the FAA wing spawn limit for the majority of the airports.


There will be triple deck plane, planes are getting bigger as population is growing. Airbus and Boeing are already pushing their twinjet to limit, they can’t keep making them longer every time there is demand for more passengers per plane. Like with skyscrapers dealing with congestion in city, they have to make them taller to keep up with demands.

Boeing 747 and Airbus 380 are suffering because of fuel cost since they are quadjet planes which use more fuel per pax than twinjet planes. Boeing 747 was very useful for nearly 40 years when fuel wasn’t so expensive. Airbus and Boeing will have to design a multiple decks plane with two or three engines, it will be likely a blend wing design. Airbus might have overestimated the demand for A380, but there will be demands for it few years later.

About cargo, Airbus 380 isn’t effective at doing that job since it has cockpit on first deck which prevent cargos being loaded quickly or large cargo being loaded like Boeing 747 can. Airbus 380 would require cargos to be lifted into 2nd deck by onboard elevator or crane which would weigh lot after being lifted into first deck from cargo lifter.

Just my 2 cents.


I think triple-deckers are too big for airlines to fill them with both Cargo and Passengers. Thus making it unprofitable. And with Triple-decker layout, planes need at least 4 engines which would make more cost to the airlines


Yeah right now, but in future it will come. Engines are getting more powerful. GE9X is larger than GE90 and it will make more than 100,000 lbs of thrust, it’s going to be on world’s longest passenger plane, Boeing 777-9. Airbus and Boeing will contact engine manufacturer to come up with more powerful engine to power the bigger plane. Just look at jet engine history, from puny less than one thousand lbs of trust during 1930s to over 100,000 lbs of thrust today.

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