Will there be slower frame rate in 21.1?

Hello! I’m excited for 21.1 and was wondering if it would reduce my frame rate on my IPad Pro? Or would it stay the same? On some of the updates it reduced the frame rate. So I was just wondering because Infinite Flight is adding so much more to the game.

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Ideally, your rate should stay the same. It is impossible to tell without knowing more about your device and even some things that you wont see in settings. Testers have been testing 21.1 with all different architectures and have been providing critical feedback.


Infinite Flight tends to configure everything to fit the consumer so i’d assume yes!


Thanks for the help!

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There is also a lot of people going to be online for the new release, so it might be a little laggy.


Very valid question as this is a concern for many pilots.

As far as I know, Infinite Flight said that there would be some performance updates alongside the update. Not sure if this would have anything to do with the frame rate of the game, or your device. Hopefully nothing too drastic happens though!


Gonna be crowededdddd


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