Will there be real scenery in global?

Will the scenery be accurate when global comes out?
As in at coventry airport, will the road be added behind runway 23? And will there be buildings like FSX?

nope, that’s PHONE simulator

But will there be better imagery on the ground?

I can safely say for the time being, nope and nope.

On another note, I edited Coventry ;)


I think no

But the aprl fools post that wasnt a prank?

I’m sure there will be. Looking forward to flying over my wee cottage with smoke billowing out my chimney and seeing all the people coming out of Asda in Glenrothes with their weekly shopping. Or in other words…probably not.


The one of the whole world was a joke, the one of Socal was not.

I think we will get landclass (different textures for different types of places), but better than we have ATM.


If xplane can do it then FDS can i say:)

No one knows, but keep in mind you don’t see scenery when you are 30.000ft+. It probably won’t come.

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Oh dear. My dearest wish is to have a full blown “sim” not a “game” with large regions and proper ATC rather than buildings and pretty flowers along the taxi ways.

Really don’t understand the overwhelming desire on a mobile “simulator” for pretty buildings.

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We’ll know what it is when it comes out.