Will there be open beta for 21.1?

Recently, Infinite Flight announced that 21.1 is now in beta testing so the update is most likely right around the corner. Do you think that there will be open beta, or since it is the first time releasing buildings and clouds they won’t do open beta testing. Please let me know what you think, thank you!


Not at the moment.


Open beta is currently unknown. The developers will decide at a closer date whether an open beta should be suitable for testing on the servers, or a staged release.

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No at the moment. However, I don’t think so since is much work on those jetways, buildings and everything else.


On the other hand that’s a reason to have many people test it to ensure the stability of such a demanding update


Don’t count on that. We’ve seen in the past updates be delayed by weeks, even months because of issues that come up in testing…

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Just to clear up some fog. Beta doesn’t mean an update is necessarily close or far from release to market. Testing processes can vary in a large spectrum of time. Only time will tell though! Cheers.


I’m honestly hoping that there isn’t an open beta.

This update is probably one of the biggest updates in IF’s history (excluding global), so the hype is going to be real. And I don’t want that hype killed by an open beta where people spoil the update for those of us who don’t do open beta.

I remember when we used to have updates, and I would always get so exited over them. But recently with the open beta it just hasn’t been the same. I want it to feel like Christmas morning when 21.1 comes out, not just a normal day.

I mean, if open beta happens that’s fine I guess. But I’d much rather be surprised and exited when the update comes out.


Adding on to this, you remember what happened in 19.1? It was a while back, but I still know the story.

A very special someone (😉) reported a bug late in 19.1’s Beta phase about the new Live Replay feature. This caused the team to scrub the release entirely. That someone was mentioned by Laura and Jason (I think it was a YT Q&A stream) and subsequently got called out by the entire community for delaying the update. 😂
That’s how unpredictable beta is. Lots of things could happen that could mess with your update and you never know when.


How does it get determined? is it invite through forum or invite through google beta testers/ Apple TestFlight App?

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Hand selected by staff members here, with an evaluation of your history with the forum.


More information will be shared at a later time if Infinite Flight chooses to proceed with an open beta. In the meantime, please continue to monitor the Blog and Announcement categories for the latest. Thanks!