Will there be light engine smoke planned?

You know how when old airliners takeoff and you see them push a lot of smoke from the engines? Well, that still does happen today with newer aircraft, but its very light and might take you two tries to see it. I haven’t seen any feature like this, so can this happen when engine power exceeds 85% or something? I hope this is planned already. I don’t think it is SO laggy…

This has not been planned for the future

It’s not planned. Maybe request it as a feature ;)

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He’s still a Basic user (TL1)

Requested it on his behalf, go and vote ;)

Wheel smoke after touchdown was planned but cancelled due to rendering issues, as far as I’m aware. So this would also be hard to implement.

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What makes you think that?

I mean… Given the fact that IF has smoooth wingflex, complex animations, 4k resolution and high quality models, why can’t there be very light particles that not much will be able to see


that’s really nice of you :)

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You could request a feature about this

Someone already did.

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