Will there be an Infinite flight 2021 recap

The title says it all 😉

Don’t know…

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Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be. Just keep an eye out, I suppose.

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The 2020 one was 🔥 so it would be cool if they made a 2021 one

Also I really enjoyed the sneak peek at buildings and clouds

I have made a infinite flight rewind for 2021! if you’re interested i can link it… :D

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I hope so. 1 year ago today they announced the 2020 recap. It’s been a pretty eventful year so it should be celebrated. And of course it would be nice to see some sneak peaks.

Just sit back relax and let the devs take care of it.

I’m interested 🙃

Infinite Flight 2021 Rewind! - YouTube let me know what you think :D

Loved to see Will Smith ahahah
Btw nice job mate 🤩

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Yo, if I was the responsible for making the official IF rewind, I would give up after watching yours, it’s just amazing, fr…

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you my friend have just made my day thanks so much means so much to hear your lovely feedback

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Ty so much means sm to me :D

i assume so , considering the fact that they did for 2020