Will there be a Qatar livery on the A350?

I don’t think they have any plans of making the A35K yet though

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I’d say it’s pretty likely since Qatar is an airline that just can’t be ignored

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You’re totally right

Yeah I agree

We’ll find out when the time is right, or when the A350 is released in it’s entirety:)

Keep a look out in the Development thread in #announcements, on the Timeline and/or on their various Socials!


God, I do hope so 😅

Same bro I really hope so

How about we just wait and see or vote for it? 👍

Waiting never has been or will be an option. JK. Hopefully it gets added though.

Just continue discussion here:) If you want it vote for it:) it’s an old thread from the looks of it, so if someone of the proper TL wants to make another, contact a mod and talk to them about it🙂👍


They’re adding the -900 not 1000;)

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Oh sorry, meant the-900

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Sure thing, sorry but I didn’t see that topic before so I did my own.

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Hey man all good🙂 Friendly reminder, utilize the search bar:)

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It has to appear. It’s the most important airline with the a350.


They had their livery on the plane when it first came out. They were the launch airline.
image They have to have a Qatar livery.


Wow that is a gorgeous launch livery. Maybe that will be added plus the standard livery ?

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If one of you has the right TL you should consider this!

Who knows! [we know]