Will there be a Qatar livery on the A350?

So I’m just wondering will there be a Qatar Airways livery on the new A350? And if yes will there be a One world Qatar livery as well? What do you guys think?

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Considering that Qatar Airways was the launch operator of the A359, I’d like to assume that it will be added.


I‘m pretty sure yes but we don‘t know yet

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No confirmation yet i don t think

I think so as well but it’ll be better if some developers can confirm🤣 I don’t think that’s happening though

I don’t think they have any plans of making the A35K yet though

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I’d say it’s pretty likely since Qatar is an airline that just can’t be ignored

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You’re totally right

Yeah I agree

We’ll find out when the time is right, or when the A350 is released in it’s entirety:)

Keep a look out in the Development thread in #announcements, on the Timeline and/or on their various Socials!


God, I do hope so 😅

Same bro I really hope so

How about we just wait and see or vote for it? 👍

Waiting never has been or will be an option. JK. Hopefully it gets added though.

Just continue discussion here:) If you want it vote for it:) it’s an old thread from the looks of it, so if someone of the proper TL wants to make another, contact a mod and talk to them about it🙂👍


They’re adding the -900 not 1000;)

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Oh sorry, meant the-900

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Sure thing, sorry but I didn’t see that topic before so I did my own.

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Hey man all good🙂 Friendly reminder, utilize the search bar:)

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