Will there be a new passenger plane?

Hello, I am wondering if there will soon be a passenger airplane added to the game soon? I am new to IF community, so pls let me know if I put this under the right topic, thnx!

Yes the A350 is coming out in some time

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Hello. Currently, Infinite Flight does have a passenger plane, the Airbus A350-900, in production which can be tracked in their development timeline found here. You will be able to track everything in development straight in that page.


Like every is saying, it’s the A350. But you should also know the new General Aviation Aircraft: XCub. Has been released. Also, we currently getting a 777 rework to make it better.

in the mean time feel free to check out the rest of the many planes IF has to offer, get used to flying the bigger ones, landing by hand, crosswind landings, all the fun tricky stuff so when the A350-900 is released you will be able to have fun and not worry about anything:) Safe flying

In IRL, the NMA, in IF, the A350 and reworked 777

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