Will their ever be clouds?

I love this game and love taking off and descending to/from my destination airport but it’s just missing clouds and it takes away some of the enjoyment of not being able to descend through the clouds etc, moderators/members do you think clouds will ever be introduced into Infinite Flight and if so what time frame are we looking at to be able to see clouds in the game?

Thank you.


Hi Jason! Lucky for you they are already in the works! You can follow up on the progress of clouds and all things in development on Infiniteflight.com/timeline


Yes there will be. However we need more power. Implementing clouds such as high cirrus clouds will be first then maybe stratus then cumulonimbus etc. it has to be in stages. If they tried the latter now my phone would likely catch on fire 😂😂😂😂

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That’s fantastic news I look forward to seeing them being introduced and following the process of them being introduced in the link you just gave so thank you for that, I also look forward to the many good photo opportunity’s they will present along with a beautiful sunset and it will add to my experience when I create in flight videos. Thank you.


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Hi there!

Our 20.1 update has a whole host of complex new features. These have taken an immense amount of time and effort to introduce due to their complexity, and have a focus on increasing the realism of Infinite Flight. We hope you enjoy these new features, and for any future additions you wish to be included in the sim, please head to #features to add your support! Clouds have already been announced and shown by the developers and they’re in development 😊