Will the new iPad Pro with the m1 chip make it possible to bring IF to Mac?

I really would like to see IF for computers, and the fact infinite flight will need to run on the m1 chip in the new iPad Pro I would love to play on my MacBook Pro.


No immediate plans:


If I were to get the new iPad which has the M1 chip, would I be able to run IF on it? The reply that is linked says it doesn’t support M1/macs

Yes, it’ll run fine on the iPad - the Mac is a separate platform we don’t support, but any iPad is fine :)

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Oh great thank you

I think that Apple also has to rewrite the apps for the IMAC variant. Because the apps on the Ipad are structured differently than on the IMAC.

Sorry but that’s kinda wrong. because not Apple has to improve the programms for the M1 chip on Mac thats the task of every single Development studio not the task of Apple.

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Do you work at apple?

No but i am very interested in Informatics and Programming also i am able to develop Programs for PC or Apps for phones and Tablets so i know how things like that are working. Not Aplle Sony Samsung or any other Product Manufacturer has the task to improve otheres Apps/Programms for diffrent chips. Its the Task of the Develpoers of the App/Programm to do those things same for cross platform usage. On Apple devices there is something that helps to run IOS Apps on Mac devices but this also has to be implemented from the Developers not by Apple

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If you know so much then why aren’t you in Silicon Valley? There you have more chances and there you can prove how good you are.

if it’s that easy, then IF really should check the box and recode controls for Mac. they don’t even have to do that, just make it joystick only. it would be amazing

It’ll probably just be able to run IF smoother, because it’s still an iPad running iOS/iPadOS at the end of the day

Sadly, it’s not as easy as this, otherwise we would have done it by now :) Controls are just one part of the story, macOS is a completely different platform for us to work on and support fully. Maybe one day though, but mobile is our focus for now

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ohh okay. thanks for the info!!

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An Ipad chip and a pc chip are much diffrent. also infinite flight does not have the internal capablitys to host a PC as the playing platform however you can play on your pc by streaming it from your phone via air play for IOS users. I should specify launcher. the controls would be ok.

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