Will the new f18 be available

Will the new f18 be available for non pro subscribers like the old

This is unknow, its best to just wait an see

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From what we have now. I would assume 22.6. Just be patient

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I’m afraid you misread lol. The OP was asking if the aircraft will be available to non-pro subscribers, not when it will be added in-game 😅😉


It will be available SoonTM


I didn’t realize that lol 😆

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yes it will

We dont know yet, will just have to wait for when it releases

They actually already confirmed that it will be coming for non-pro subscribers


When did they confirm that?

the f18 rework is reworking the current hornet, which currently is available to all users and will stay that way after the rwork

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-adding it will be similar to the a10 rework

That doesn’t mean it will apply to the F-18 as well. Best just to wait and see, you can’t make assumptions like this because everything can change.

Ok thanks guys so I will just delete the topic there is not any reason to make it

you’re right, but i just wanted to point out one thing… infinite flight stated the reason for the rework of the f-18 being “The F/A-18 is a popular fighter jet included with the app download and is the most-selected military aircraft a new user will fly.” although not confirmed, like what you said, it basically implies that it would be included with the infinite flight app download. also i’m not sure but i’m pretty confident that i read somewhere that confirmed it would, someone back me up here?


yep i agree, we can be scientists and all but nothing is confirmed till we see for ourselves ig

I would like to add that the option of doing something like the Xcub may be an option for the F-18E, The main base aircraft will be free but not all liveries will be free. That is another route they may take for this rework.


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