Will the MC-21 be a success?

It’s been almost two months since the MC-21-300 was rolled out and while it has 192 orders the question still remains. Will this aircraft be successful? Personally I think with the absence of a Boeing 757 replacement the MC-21 has a potential to be a solid mid-range midsize aircraft after the first year of deliveries.



Can you put an image please?
So that everyone can give their opinions

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I found one:



I honestly think it will be shadowed by the A320neo and the B737MAX


It has potential. The design bureaus involved are experienced and aware of the modern day standards. I would imagine much of its success would be owed to how well it’s marketed and what airlines will be in the market for the type/capacity.

It has all the promise of being a great airplane, just depends on whether the airlines are willing to take a risk on a newcomer or stick with the tried and proven Embraer/Boeing/Airbus models


I think it personally looks ugly but I’m sure airlines think about brands as we do when buying things and immediately go for the usual Boeing and Airbus aircraft ecspecially due to the relationships they may have they could also have more room for negotiation so for any airline buying this kind of plane is a risk for them but as shown by Embraer if your product is good enough you will get orders but they will always be try,led by Airbus and Boeing regardless


I thought that too at first but then you realize the the only really competitor it has is the A321NEO since Boeing is years behind a 757 replacement. The main market for the MC-21 is former Soviet states but I wouldn’t count out potential buyers from China and India, two of the largest regions for aviation growth in the upcoming decades.

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It looks that the -300 has more range than the 737-800.

It does and that’s why it fits into the 757-A321 market.

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It will come down to the brand then this costs around 90 million but the A321neo costs 125 million so I wonder why airlines aren’t getting the cheapest plane

Exactly and not to mention they have an same engine that’s on the CSeries as an option.

There are so many aircraft in the same area the MC-21 that I don’t think it will have that much of a success internationally.

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I honestly think that this plane would have a potential had it not been for shamery and bias from the U.S. and Europe, and some other countries. This seems to be the reason that people generally dislike eastern built aircraft, atleast from the Soviet era. However, I try not to bias aircraft, and if I owned an airline, most aircraft would fly routes according to their country of origin, so, for example, I’d have mainly Airbus and Saab aircraft in Europe, mainly Boeing, Bombadier, and Airbus A321 aircraft in North and Central America, mostly Embrear aircraft in South and Central America (although alot of these would be in North America, and Vice Versa). I’d have Comac, Irkut, Ilyushin, Tupolev, and Sukhoi aircraft in eastern countries, although Irkut and Sukhoi aircraft would also appear sometimes in Europe and Alaska, U.S. In African and Middle Eastern countries, I’d use mainly European aircraft. In Oceana (Australia, Phillipines), I’d use Comac.


This is a great idea! For sure S7 will buy it! And Aeroflot may! The Airlines in China and Africa will buy it! So I think it will be a success!
I think it’s unique from the A320neo and 737-MAX! It will work my private VA I run is considering the MC-21 but we are only considering! If it is a success Sam Airways SMART and HOP! will purchase 20 of them and be the lonch customer!
I would love to see it in Infinite Flight too!

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The cockpit looks atrocious but, we hav to see how it performs first


Air Koryo will buy it. RIP LI62


Well…let’s see what happens to the plane in a few years, maybe will have success. Let’s see if this plane meets the airlines’ requirements.

The plane is ugly. Airlines don’t want a ugly plane.
On a side note, why do we need this? We will have the A320neo family, Boeing has the 737max, and Embraer is reworking their E-jet family. Why should we need this?

Here’s the wiki-

I don’t think it can compete with an A320neo or a 737MAX in efficiency, design etc. and will probably be a flop…

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