Will the Flybe name change affect the sim?

As you might know, flybe will be rebranded into Virgin connect this year which is unfortunate. Will it be rebranded on Infinite flight too? Or will the flybe livery/ callsign remain and a new one is added? Anyways, this is a very unfortunate event in my opinion.

Here is a poll to express your opinion

  • Keep Flybe
  • Replace with virgin connect

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uhm your poll closed 7 days ago o-o


Maybe we’re from the future…


That made my day 😂

Anyways, I think we would all love for FlyBe to remain as it is in IF.


I think we should have an option for both, kind of like the chrome America livery and the newer one

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To answer your question, no it won’t. Me might see the devs add a Virgin Connect livery, but there are a few airlines with liveries in the game that have since ceased, like AirBerlin and WOW airlines.

Most likely it would remain just like Virgin America while introducing a newer livery for the rebranding.

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Let’s see. Virgin America got taken over by Alaska. They still exist.

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All fixed😄

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I didn’t know that 😂😂

Well the livery. Sorry if I explained that wrong.

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I think they should just have both.

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Yeah. I do agree with that.

Let’s be real the probability of this happening is pretty low due to devs have more stuff to work which is higher priority for them! Specifically with a bunch of new addons into the game coming up!


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