Will the F-18 rework avaible for non-pro users?

Does anyone knows if the rework on the F-18 will be free or will I need to have a pro subscription for it? I know the F-18 is a legacy aircraft and its free but now on the aircraft menu it appears that is isnt the same as the newest aircraft.


The reworks apply to non-sub users and sub users! So… the answer is yes!



Not necessarily. I believe every device will receive the update, but if the reworked aircraft is pro only, then obviously only people with pro accounts and fly those aircraft. I’m not sure whether the F-18 is a pro aircraft or not though.

The F-18 is a legacy aircraft that comes with the purchase of the app, however, in the latest hotfix a yellow message appears when selecting the aircraft that says it was an extra from a previous version of IF and that its not the same as the newest aircraft. I think legacy aircraft updates will only be available to pro users but I think that if those planes are free then everything they do with them should be avaible for free too. Not everyone can afford the suscription do it would be nice to have some free new reworks from time to time.

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If the aircraft is not available to you already then you will most likely not get it after it’s updated.

I do have it, only that it appears as a legacy aircraft, I believe legacy planes are free now or at least some of them, I dont know if you need an actual pro-subscription for using new features that legacy aircraft get in the future.

Well, if the current F18 is replaced by the new one then it’s possible. But if it’s considered a new plane and not a legacy aircraft then you may not get access to it

More on this when we get closer.