Will the CRJ be renamed in game?

As many of you know, Mitsubishi has taken over the CRJ program and as far as I can tell from their instagram account they are renaming the jet to the MHIRJ, a terrible name. If this is accurate and a name change does occur, would the in game name change? Flightradar24 has already changed it to the Mitsubishi CRJ and many of us are quite upset. I feel many people would not appreciate the name change and I would certainly campaign against it.



Can you also provide a link with an article about the acquisition of the CRJ program? Thanks! 😁

I don’t think they will rename it

Here is all the information :)


Maybe in the future they rename it. I don’t see why they’d keep the old name over time as it’ll be inaccurate and more people would realize that as time goes by.


I think its because Mitsubishi didn’t made the aircraft so it doesn’t belong to them

Not in my lifetime… Please.


Cough Cough C-Series


Neither did Airbus make the A220 originally, yet the name change, so in that sense, a name change could take place and would suit the aircraft better now that it is a part of Mitsubishi.


Oh didn’t think of that

Rip Bombardier

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As intriguing as this is, I sincerely doubt the devs will do this. It’s like the devs naming the A220s the C series. It’s the one and the same…

Airbus did help with most features of the aircraft during it’s production.

The CRJ has been out for a long time now.

I really just don’t want it changed in game

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They are closing the program not renaming it

I’m happy I sold my stocks

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Yes, but they may rename it

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They could

It’s already the Mitsubishi CRJ and I hope it stays that way

Wait this is true? I saw a post earlier today on IG that FR24 had displayed the CRJ as Mitsubishi CRJ and I thought it was a bug or some mistake by FR24. Wow I didn’t know the CRJ family was taken over by Mitsubishi

Now that I know about it, it’s sad that the CRJ has been taken over. The name MHIRJ sounds TERRIBLE and I would certainly be disappointed if the name will be changed into MHIRJ in IF.