Will the A380 receive an update?

Will there be an update on the A380-800???

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Who knows!? I don’t have my fortune ball with me so I am not sure but you can check out #features and go vote for the A380 update here : Airbus A380 Rework


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Up to now there’s no teaser/confirmation if I can say it like that that the a380-800 will get a rework.

The only thing that I know that is happening officially regarding airplanes is that we will get a new Jetblue livery for the a320, also it’s likely to get surprised with a easy jet new livery for the a320 too and the a330-300 is getting a rework. There’s no release date for any of these things

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Not happening officially, y’all need to stop saying “X will happen” even though it’s no more than speculation.


Very true, also as I stated in my first reply the OP can check out #features to vote if they would like to.

Don need a whole bunch of replies :)


Maybe??? we never know…

Uh… the Infinite flight team confirmed the new jetblue livery, which that is coming for sure, I also clearly said that a new livery for the easy jet a320 it’s likely to happen, and the a330 won in the pool made by the Infinite Flight team… check their instagram page, also, in one of their post someone commented something related to the easy jet livery and they said “surprises are fun too right?”…

I never said the JB livery and A330 aren’t on the production line, it’s that you’re taking an IG comment and the community’s thirst for an EasyJet livery and assuming it’s coming. Can’t confirm it so you say “likely” even though it probably won’t come for a while.


All aircraft will eventually receive and update to meet todays standards that IF strives for.