Will the A380 be free if it wins?

The question is in the title. The sole reason I’m voting for the A380 is because it’s free. However, just because it is free doesn’t mean it’ll be free once it’s reworked, should it win the poll. With some of IF’s recent decisions, I’m worried on whether I should vote on something I’ll get (a free reworked A380), on the neutral option (a vote for the 767 and the current A380 stays free), or vote on something and have less than what I had before (a Pro-only reworked A380).

And, in the case the plane remains free, will every livery be free as well?


Thanks for the question! At this time a decision has not been made regarding the free or Pro status of the potential winner of the active community poll. Regardless of what wins, an aircraft requires months of work by our developer and artist team.

Free is a big ask for the level of detail expected. In the future there may be changes to free offerings in-app. All of this will be communicated at a later date. Cheers!