Will the a350K Be added in the Future? And a possible 787 Family Rework?

Since we are getting lot’s of newer planes coming into the game. I wonder if we are getting a possible addition to the 350 family with the 1000 varient as well as a possible rework on the 787 family. If we do in the future it would be amazing as both planes are beautiful and are at the very front of the aviation industry.


Vote for it

They said the 1000 variant won’t come anytime soon unfortunately.

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There’s no feature request for it atm - nor are they allowing feature requests for it.

I always wondered why

There is a feature request for the 787 family.

Regarding the A350-1000…

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IF does not have plans for the 1000 variant because it is not a priority. There are other aircrafts that have a bigger priority such as B737 MAX, B767, or other aircraft. The A359 is already great enough so there really wouldn’t be a difference with the 1000 variant except more wheels and some other factors. It’s just not that important to say in short. It may come in the future once the top requested aircrafts have came in. Though, I doubt it would be any time soon since there isn’t even a feature request for it.


Makes sense

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