Will the A350 be a free aircraft

What I mean by this is when it’s added will it be for non pro users as well? Or will it just be with pro?

I know nothing but taking a wild guess - No


Propably not because the A350 is one of the more advanced aircrafts that will be added in the sim. But maybe they suprise us.

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Oh right ok thanks for your help

They confirmed it will be Pro only on their Instagram.


No u will need to have pro to use it

It definetly not going to be a free aircraft.

Could we have some proof please?

A few XCub are free. Not all liveries. Let’s hope the A350 will too

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Unlikely. They’ve already confirmed it’s pro only

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Definatly no. You will have to pay, any aircraft that has been previously free when the game came out will stay free such as the XCUB, A10, Cessna 172 but no the A350 will not be free 🚫

It will be Pro only. It has been, and still is, an absolutely massive undertaking to make this aircraft, and this means there is no way we can currently offer it for free.