Will the A350 1000 and 900 be released

Will both the A350 900 and 1000 be released or just the 900?

Just the -900 for now. Nothing planned for the -1000 so far.


Thanks was just wondering


Jason, (one of the Digital Marketing staff) said that they might not add this variant as there is not many as many operators using the A350-1000 at the moment. But the main reason is to deliver the update quicker. 😉

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As mentioned the A350-900 for the foreseeable future. I know you didn’t know what and when, but I am sick of these posts about the A350 🤫. *Not blaming you as an individual.

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Well, they did release the B787-10 sooo


Can’t wait for it it’s been years in the making

Yeah, that is why I said “might”. It’s just not confirmed and he mentioned this himself. 👍

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It’s been in the works for only 2 months.

I mean like the A350 has taken years since it first flew to get to IF

Speaking of A350, I spotted testing today!

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The question on the variant was a good question which as stated was answered by the marketing team.

You can discuss more about the 350 on the existing thread Airbus A350XWB Family

That’s a rare sight

And the screen shot was Deer having some fun. No, not testing.

@Andrew_Watson I guess I was being mean today… 🤓