Will the 737 rework have new Engine sounds?

I was thinking that since the 772 is getting new engine sounds that they might add the engine sounds to the 737. I think that this would be more realistic because the new sounds are way better.

Anything that is confirmed by the LLC is confirmed. Anything that is not confirmed is not confirmed. This isn’t confirmed by IFLLC, therefore it is not confirmed

(I feel like I am recreating “the missile knows where it is” 😂)

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^ I confirm to that confirmable sentence. ^


I can confirm the two non-confirmations above.


I can confirm that this has not been confirmed information by Infinite Flight LLC, therefore confirming the non confirmations of the 3 comments above


It has not been confirmed but I hope so!

I can confirm that I have started a weird chain for non-confirmations to my confirmation that new engine sounds were not confirmed, confirming that I am now confused 😂


I can confirm that said conformation or non-confirmation chain has become a chained bunch of nonsensical confirmations in response to your confirmation of non-confirmation.


I can confirm that statement


Random thought but why do we refer to Infinite flight with the LLC suffix? Like most people dont call SpaceX by Space Exploration Technologies Limited, or Apple by Apple Computers LLC

@JoshFly8 you may want to feature this in your next “Best of the IFC” confirma- I mean compilation. This is too funny 😂

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I confirm. I’m in stitches 🤣

LLC is a Limited Liability Company, a type of legal structure for a business. That I can confirm.

The Infinite Flight

Large Latte Corporation,


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For a serious answer that I can actually comprehend. The 737 rework is not confirmed. When it is reworked it most likely will have an engine rework. You have to remember that there is no conformation to the 737 rework.


Hi. As you may have learned from certain sources, the B737 will get a confirmed livery. But that doesn’t mean anything and says nothing about the revision of the engines. If you are for a new sound then you vote for this topic. Thanks a lot