Will the 737 be getting a rework in 20.1?

I’ve been hearing rumors that the 737 family is getting a rework that includes live instruments, and wingflex. Although that does sound good, I’m not sure if it’s real and if it’s true.

The 737 already has wing flex, but no live instruments. I’m hoping they add live instruments though.

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I really hope so but we just need to wait and see we don’t want any speculation but it should be close!


Exactly that, rumors. Speculation from others who want it to be so.


While speculating is frowned upon, if you are going to do it, I think you should do it on the 737 rework thread

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Where did you hear this from?

Myself, some you tubers, and some other people since the mods are flying the 737 more often now with the 777

Just wait till release
YouTubers aren’t a credible source
And maybe they’re just flying because they like to make your gullible heads spin 🤷‍♂️


I wouldn’t be surprised if the 737’s cockpit gets reworked. The 737NG and the 777’s cockpit aren’t really that different.

The only insight we have on the 737 is that the United 2019 Livery was posted on the Infinite Flight Website. Other than that, there is no evidence suggesting a rework and we aren’t even sure whether the new United Livery is coming to the 737 in v20.1

With that being said, sorry to inform you that topics like this are considered a speculation and a mod will most likely be here soon to close this.

Don’t forget that the mods/devs enjoying flying as well so just because they are flying a certain aircraft, doesn’t mean they plan to do anything with it :)


The 737 on the website doesn’t look different than the current one so it is unlikely it is reworked.

Maybe not a full rework but maybe a cockpit or physics rework? We have seen a few devs flying it and Laura said she was debugging stuff while flying the 737. We will have to wait and see.

Yeah, maybe just they’re just adding new liveries.

Infinite Flight is full of surprises

Eh, no.

I never watch those “777 news” or “Infinite a Flight update (speculation) confirmed” videos. Useless is what they are.


I agree I like to go with the facts and not with speculations

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I don’t make those videos because I don’t want to put effort into useless information.


Agreed. Don’t trust the YouTubers trying to get some quick attention, trust those on the IF payroll :^)



I might make a video with stuff that’s actually confirmed, but I just try to not make videos that could lead to speculation


Is it true only the 772er is getting reworked?