Will Subscription Expire Mid-Flight

i wanted to know that if like my long haul flight is gonna disconnect in the morning

I’m having trouble understanding the question. Do you mean if your live will cut out while you fly overnight?

Yea that’s what I mean

Oh, well in that case as long as you have a stable internet connection you should be fine

No my subscription thing will cut

He says he will do long haul flight but his subscription will be ended in the middle of flight.

I’m pretty sure there’s like a leeway period, so your subscription won’t expire mid flight.

of course, the best solution is just to subscribe again, why not right

You’ll be able to finish your flight, and when you end it, your subscription expires.


Just in case do the flight on Casual Server!

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No, it won’t expire until you finish!

This happened to me a couple weeks ago. I was 2hrs prior to landing and I get a message saying my subscription has ended and sadly didnt take a screenshot (It wont let me access the reply for some reason). I did manage to continue and finish my flight but was somewhat “offline” from the expert server. By somewhat offline, I mean the game disabled my ability to communicate on frequency and hid me from other live traffic (and my blip disappeared from view on Infinite Tracker - IF Tracker).

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