Will Spirit add Pensacola to their Atlantic City route network?

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Recently Spirit Airlines announced that they will be starting service out of Pensacola International Airport located in Pensacola, Florida. They will be flying to Austin, Columbus, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Louisville, and St.Louis. Spirit Airlines is the only airline that serves Atlantic City International Airport, and from there they serve every airport in Florida that Spirit flies to. I am curious to see if Spirit will add Pensacola to their route network at Atlantic City this way they will then serve all of the Florida airports that they fly to. Let me know what you think!

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Well if they never said so then I don’t think they will…

I wouldn’t be surprised, but I doubt it, American already flies from PHL and I doubt there is too much demand for South Jersey/Pennsylvania to Pensacola

Trust me, south jersey loves Florida, if someone travels from that area almost always Florida. It’s like 2nd home lol

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Really hope we get the Spirit A319 soon lol
MCI seems like a really random route 😂
Well a few of the ones listed do. Didn’t expect them really. Then again I don’t know much about Pensacola

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Like, is beautiful!

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True, it is my home airport and they serve about 10 flights a day almost all to Florida!

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I feel like we might get the Spirit A319 in this update as well as the Delta A320, fingers crossed!

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Yes that would be cool!

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