Will robots replace human pilots?


So there’s been talks for a few years on whether robots will replace human pilots.
Are the chances of it happening big or is it unlikely to happen?

Here are the positives and the negatives I have thought of if this change will happen :
(If robots replace pilots)

  • There will be less mistakes made
  • Less plane crashes, etc.
  • Would be more reliable
  • Airline company would spend less money


  • A lot of pilots would lose their job

Which would mean the unemployment rate would increase(bad for the country)

  • If the robot malfunctions(Which would be unlikely to happen but still possible)
  • Also means that you lost a few years of working in becoming a pilot and you have lost a lot of money as well

My opinion
Well, in my opinion, I think this is not a very good idea since as I said, loads of pilots will lose their job but on the other hand robots would be more reliable than humans, for example MH370, the plane that disappeared in 2014 or the Germanwings crash in 2015. That definitely wouldn’t have happened if a robot was in control of the aircraft. But the odds of a plane crash is 1 in 11 million!


According to this news article, it has already been tested out on a Cessna Caravan

The robot doesn’t have to be amazing at piloting the aircraft, it just has to better as humans.
So what do you think, will they be replace pilots or not and what is your opinion?

Also, some other jobs because of this might be lost, for example air traffic controllers.


Maybe. But this won’t stop me from pursuing my pilots license. I’ll always love flying “human style”

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Of course not. Even if we do reach that sort of automation, a pilot will still need to be present in case something happens. I don’t think insurance companies will be too fond of leaving a plane going 500mph at 35,000 feet in the sky unattended. I for one, along with millions of others will refuse to go and fly in a plane that is not being controlled by a pilot.


This has been in the back of my mind for a while now, my Dad recons in the future I won’t be able to be a pilot, it annoys me because, it’s my dream and always has been.

However, I personally believe it’s a long time away from commmerical aviation. That doesn’t mean not not in our lifetime though. But as above said, it’s a rediculous push that would go no where…


The article is 2 years old. Alot can happen in 2 years :)

It wont replace the job of pilots…

Even if it does for a bit… A crash will happen and then airlines will be calling for humans again


I mean there are other articles like this one :

All you gotta do is pour water on the robot…🤷🏼‍♂️


There are already other vehicles like cars for instance that will be replaced by robots in the future. Why not planes then?

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Well they could always make it water proof. :|

Doubt it. Whenever water hits CPU it is done for. No way around it. Period.

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A car crashing with 4 people on board going 70 mph doesn’t compare to a 600,000 pound plane crashing, killing 400-500 people on board and on the ground going 500 mph. Of course there a different circumstances but a car crash is no where near as tragic as a plane crash.


Well, also on the other hand why would you need to go into the cockpit. The door could be locked for the whole flight.

If that does happen, air travel will decrease as people are afraid of the rapid pace of technology


Sometimes robots get thirsty near the end of their life and request some water. Flight attendants won’t get into the cockpit to serve them that final drench of water…

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Yeah, I agree with you


Until they are 100% safe, the FAA wont even touch them.

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Humans are not entirely trustful.

I say not, nothing beats a little bit of human intuition

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I would honestly rather have someone who can recover when mistakes are made, or someone who actually has a brain and a heart