Will Rex become the new Virgin Australia?

Rex, Regional Express, however, you wanna say it it’s Australia’s largest regional airline. It serves multiple destinations in every state of Australia, it could be said that it’s regional Australia’s best friend and I don’t think you’d be far off. But the news is circulating that it may look at expanding further where no regional airline has succeeded in this country before, capital city routes.

Now here’s the thing about Rex, it’s not known as the most luxurious airline, it’s youngest aircraft is 22 years old and it has a reputation for losing propellers mid flight . Even when their aircraft retain both propellers they are incredibly noisy, they only operate Saab 340’s, an aircraft that was last produced last century. It’s fair to say that Rex isn’t a Qantas or Virgin, or is it?

In recent developments, Rex plans to fly between Australian capital cities, I should mention that Rex already flies to and from capital cities, just not between them. Like I mentioned Rex already operates 57 Saab 340’s however, they are intending to raise $200 million in order to lease 10 narrow-body jets such as the A320 or Boeing 737 in order to serve high demand routes such as Sydney-Melbourne, Sydney-Brisbane and Melbourne-Brisbane. But would they replace the gaping hole left by Virgin?

I should mention that Virgin isn’t done for yet, there is a Friday deadline on the sale and even Indian airline IndiGo is interested in the embattled carrier. Rex, however, sees demand while Virgin sorts its stuff out and with interstate travel set to return in July there’s definitely a market for that. However, this won’t be the new Virgin or even the new Tigerair.

Let’s do some comparing, Tigerair, Australia’s smallest airline flying the main truck routes has 15 aircraft, compare that to Rex’s planned 10 aircraft, it doesn’t even match Tiger. Compare that to Virgin’s fleet of 98 aircraft, about 2/3 said aircraft fly domestically, Rex won’t be a competitor, it will simply be a supplement. So what do you think? If Virgin collapses will Rex replace them with the ability to purchase more airliners?

Time will tell if we see more Rex in the Australian skies image credit


no, the end. I like it in a two airline war, a third airline would throw it off.

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No, I don’t think REX could become the next VOZ. But, I think that if they went on with this plan, they could fill the gap left by Virgin quite nicely.

Being an Australian, I have heard about this recently but I don’t think Rex has the capability to become similar to Virgin Australia but I am sure that they can expand on their route network and become more prominent in air travel around the country!


Is VA bankrupt?

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Technically speaking, unless they change their name, no.

I have learned a lot about Australian aviation from you @Louis!


What he said, but we’ve also learned about his hate for Texans :(


As long as they keep the saabs I’d be interested to see them expand. If they get rid of the saabs though…

Bro that plane that lost the prop😂😂😂

Richard Branson: 🤦‍♂️

Sounds like me trying to build a plane in SimplePlanes.

In all seriousness, I think they have potential, but I don’t thing Rex will be a big flag carrier like Virgin Australia or Qantas.






Can’t see it happening, REX are suited for regional operations only and do good at it… Velocity have enough interest in them that there will be no need for Rex to fill the spot. Just my 2 cents

Rex will go broke easily if they handle the responsibilities of Virgin Australia. It is sad to see Virgin Australia go

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