Will Reworks Get Harder?

Just had a thought. Would reworking older aircraft (e.g. B747, B767, DC-10/MD-11) become more difficult as time goes by and references like schematics, pilots, etc become harder to come by?


Probably but I’m not a developer

People discover new things everyday, so I’d imagine it’d get easier? To be honest, there’s multiple different ways to look at it.

Here’s my two cents!

As a 3D artist who is working on an aircraft with a few friends for MSFS, I think it does become a bit challenging to find important info about any aircraft that’s old. Sometimes when there’s no good blueprints, some 3D artist model off of just pictures that are offered! The more modern aircraft are easier or the commonly known aircraft are easier to get info because those known aircraft been in service for awhile. Sometimes the aircraft that haven’t entered service have very little rescourses because how brand new it is.

The point is, It depends on the aircraft and what resources are available.

Hopefully this answers the question


The 747 is still quite prevalent today with the 747-8 and being used with a lot of Cargo Carriers.

Alot of the 767s are being repurposed and converted to freighters.

Only aircraft’s id be worried about are the MD-11F and DC10

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Although the resources such as guides are easier and easier to find as more things are going digital, you unfortunately lose experts with that aircraft. For an example how many experts are there left that can tell you all the peculiarities of designing, building or flying a world war 2 fighter aircraft. As more and more people die that info goes with them. You also need to think to the contrary as well. For example 15 years ago people did not really know that much about the f117 nighthawk. But know that some aspects are beginning to become declassified those specs are easier to find and you might find a pilot that would be willing to talk. It is always a constant battle for resources. Whether those are items such as pdfs guides or in person experts.


Get what you saying but it’s just a few years ago not decade. So I wouldn’t be worried

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