Will project metal could bring tire smoke?

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I have a question that has been in my head for a while now, I’m not sure if it was already answered but I’m gonna ask it again, just in case.

Will Project metal would bring tire smoke?

I ask this because I haven’t heard anything about it since it was canceled some years ago and I’m really curious to know if this is in the plans of the IF team, if a dev can answer many people would be grateful 👍


Nothing has been confirmed; however it may be possible in the future. If you would like to voice your opinion regarding this, be sure to check out the topic I’ve linked below!

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pretty much project metal will allow the IF team to make much more than they could ever do

Yes it has not been confirmed but they were developing tire smoke on the past but but it didn’t come to the game

Hello! maybe and hopefully! Nothing has been confirmed. poject metal will make features such as taxi lights easier to implement instead of now since what Infinite Flight run on is not as great as Project metal.

Vote for the topic above and hope for the best!

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As of now it isn’t on the Dev’s wishlist with project Metal and, unlike the potential new lighting system which was actually teased by Philippe on his twitter, at the moment there were not a single hint of it being in plans. Also, keep in mind that smoke is usually a very complex and resource-intensive thing even when the source is static, add to that that it should be linked to the flight model and that it should have inertia, and you get a lot of work for a very minor feature.

It’s not a wishlist. More like examples of thing we will be able to properly start working on when Project Metal is completed :)


Well it written as “some of the features we’d like to implement”, so I suppose it could be said that it is a wishlist and 2 of them (lighting and clouds) are already in production.


Fair enough, i was referring to: “Are things like…” :)

There’s of course more than just what’s in there that we’d love to do. The closer to the real deal, the better.


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