Will pilots be a thing of the past?

No, my thoughts would be there would always need to be a pilot behind the yoke for emergency override…

This is not true

It would be a great idea. After something happens and it’s due to a robot malfunction, the NTSB can question the robot.

Accidents in the past have proven that the computers have been wrong and the pilots have been right. They just don’t pick up on everything that people can. Airbus is adding more and more automation to remove the pilot from the equation, but what happens when there’s a bird strike? What happens when the plane flies into a microburst because the computer can’t physically see the thunderstorm? What happens when the computers show that the engines are putting out thrust, but they aren’t because they are missing the turbine blades? Autopilot isn’t going to recognize that and act correctly.

Plus without pilots, if the aircraft is ever hacked, there’s no way to get it back in time.

Looks more like a bird strike on takeoff to me…

I don’t trust robots :/

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in the future they could properly fly the plane just as good if not better most likely.


if robots fly planes this is what will happen


I agree with you. But what if there was a passenger plane controlled by an on-ground crew, like the military drones are controlled? Kind of a remote controlled passenger plane. I wouldn’t like this option either, but i can see how me might not be too far from that idea being tried.

Even if airlines used them, people would still fly private planes for fun.

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buy the time robots can fly planes that type of plane will properly not be around xD

That was caused my a collision, correct be if I’m wrong.

In fact in ai should reduce the amount of those.

A lot of people specially pilots work and get money from aviation. For me robots only in SPACE exploration.

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I don’t trust these self driving trucks, cars, and now PLANES? Forget it, wait about a hundred thirty years until non-robot trusting humans are dead before ODing on self driving whatever.
Plus, self flying planes will be really expensive if they ever get released to market, same with cars and trucks AND possibly buses.

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I still think there will be for actual physical pilot to at least. Or someone to watch over systems and is able to jump to controls either physically or remotely drone pilots are starting to rise

Not a chance, they’ll never be capable to perform all pilots duties that a human pilot is/will be able to do

I agree. I never want robot pilots. However, robot flight attendants would be AWESOME!

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Yea, until a passenger spills his/her drink on it and the flight attendant goes ape-you know what!

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I agree Emil. I’d rather have a pilot fly my plane instead of a machine

No cause it’s impossible to tell a computer all the things that could go wrong and how to deal with it.

look back at tech improvements during the last 10,000 years then 1000 years then 500 years then 100 years then 50 years then look at last 10 years you will know that technology is getting better at a faster rate and it is increasing. I think automation will become a major part of society watch the video humans need not apply it explains this.