Will O’Hare Be Made 3D?

With the release of 21.3 today, we had 27 new 3D airports. However, a lot of these were airports that I’ve never heard of. This is great and all, because it allows us to explore new areas that we’ve never flown in before. But what I was really kind of surprised that Chicago O’Hare was not one of those 27 airports. Now I know that it’s a huge airport, and might be difficult to make 3D, but as someone who lived in the suburbs of Chicago for all my life until just last year, I’ve spent hours, probably days, at that airport. I would fly into my hometown airport even more if it was 3D. So I’m just wondering, will this airport become 3D anytime in the near future?

if this is a duplicate I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any topics suggesting this but I’m not sure

At some point, yes, but that is the same answer as for all 30,000+ potential airports we could do. Airports come when they come, and we are pursuing the best strategy for this through each new release.