Will NZQN get a NOTAM?

I’m not sure what category this goes in but, will NZQN ever get a NOTAM. With the introduction of 3D buildings to NZQN many people are flying there and there may be the odd few that try to fit big aircraft I.E 777 into the small airport. EGLC has a NOTAM so will NZQN get one? The only aircraft that can fly into NZQN are: A320/21’s, 737’s, ATR 72’s (replaced by Q400) and General Aviation Aircraft.

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And the 757 don’t forget that

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The 757 is flown there by the RNZAF 757-200

Seems highly unlikely to me. There are thousands of airports that have size restrictions, whether that is a tiny airstrip that can’t handle more than a c172 or a regional airport unable to handle heavy jets, that do not have NOTAMs for size restrictions.

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Same has what Brennan said although for this airport specifically, it’s special operations just like KASE. I could possibly see this, especially since it now has 3D Buildings.


NOTAMS will be effective upon presence of ATC only , other than that pilots will be able to fly whatever aircraft they want , although I encourage pilots to have a look into the NOTAMS of the airport they are flying to regardless if there was ATC or not. I hope this clears your concerns if not feel free to ask more!!

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And also q300’s, but that probably isn’t necessary to say


ooh look at that! Thanks for the NZQN NOTAM @Tyler_Shelton


Thank you Tyler

RIP 757 I guess

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757 and A321 are pretty much the same, they have similar specifications

They are however classified differently by the ICAO, while the 737/A321 would be classified as C, the 757 is a category D aircraft, and thus by this NOTAM it would no longer be permissible at the airport, which is a shame. It would be nice to be able to simulate RNZAF flights, even if just with the generic livery.

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Yeah you’re right

757’s have been aloud for the NOTAM as RNZAF flies them there.

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