Will my Telcast T10 tablet overheat during long flight

Hello, today is a weekend in my country and I am thinking to make a flight from KLAX or KJFK to somewhere far. but I afraid my tablet will overheat or will get destroyed… what do you reccomend? I noticed that if I put auto low battery and set poor grafichs it isnt overheating. also when Im flying in the dark and above the sea its better. what do you say? should I make it or not? (My tablet model is T10)

You’ve said the tablet model is T10… What manufacturer is it? I might be able to give you some more device specific information.

TECLAST… chinese, if you see any chance that something will go wrong let me know please… Im not taking risks

That’s a pretty solid tablet actually…

Now that not very likely to happen.
The usual suspects for a long haul flight are to turn all of the graphics settings to low (Texture quality does not show up during flight), reduce the airplane count to very low (found in Live), enable the battery saving mode in infinite flight (at the bottom in general), limit the frame rate, and also with your device, restart it before you fly, disable everything except WiFi. Start the flight unplugged from the charges, once you’re at cruise, plug it in, lower the graphics and brightness, and leave it to fly. I’d also set the camera angle to scenic 2, as this is a very simple camera view.


And if ill do it… are you sure everything will be fine?

I’m pretty sure yes. Maybe give it a test run before hand, but based on my quick research it should be absolutely fine.

How can I test it?

Try doing a longer flight before hand, maybe a 4-6hr flight just to test how the tablet copes. Nothing too big

I did a lot of long flights but while I was awaked, so every one or two hours I came to check if everything is fine, and sometimes it was hot and sometimes cold as regular. so I dont know

Just follow the steps I posted above and it should be fine 🤗

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I did a lot of flights like this and everything was completly fine

And also, if you’re flying at night time in game, it reduces the visual load on the tablet, so it should stay cool. Should your tablet become at risk, it will automatically close down, so your tablet is not at risk

Ok… I guess I will start it in the afternoon when Ill be awaken for 6-7 hours and ill see whats going on

Sounds good, perhaps start it in the morning, and come back in the afternoon. At the end of the day, whether you’re watching it or not, the flight will go mostly the same 🤷

Fine, thank you very much, maybe I will set to night even if it isnt night in the area

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That’s the best option really.
If you need anything else, feel free to drop me a Direct Message.
Good luck!

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OK! thank you very very very very much

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I’ve changed the title of your post, so it can be found easier for anyone who has similar request.
I trust you have the answers you need. Have a great flight :-)