Will my stats stay the same when my subscription runs out and resubscribe?

So, I currently have a pro subscription, when it runs out as I have canclled it, will my progress still be there if I resubscribe? (ie, flight hours, grades, etc)

Yes, everything is going to stay. The stats, the hours, the logbook.

Edit: and I think replays.

Your hours, landings and XP will still remain, however your daily stats such as 90 day landings will slowly trickle away as you are not online. You may notice your grade drop because of this.

Replays may disappear if not saved to your device. (I.e don’t reset the app)

But otherwise it’s all there 😉

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I actually have an issue with this. I had a subscription through Android a few months ago and made it to grade 3 then I kinda got bored and stopped playing it so I cancelled my subscription. I recently redownloaded it and had to start from scratch which I didn’t really consider but stayed playing away anyway, I then downloaded on the Ipad (bigger Screen) and when I logged in it gave me all my flight hours and log book from my original account??? I have logged into both using my Google account but for some reason one is giving me my old flight history and one isn’t. And to make it even more strange it was originally on android but its the ipad one that’s is giving me all my old data.

Any ideas

As long as you log into Infinite Flight with the same credentials (google, facebook) you can access your pilot profile from either iOS or Android.

All his stats will be the same, but not his Grade if he subscribes a long way after due to landings in 90 days etc etc in a period of time too.

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