Will my level 1 violations disappear in 1 year?

Hi guys!
So, I’m going straight to the point:

Will this…

…look like this…

…again in one year?
Or will they show my violations forever 💔?

That’s it, I’d appreciate your help guys, happy (and responsible) flying to you all!

The “Level 1 Violations/Landing (12 Months)” ratio is just counting violations you have received in the past 12 months (year). So yes, in one year, assuming you don’t receive any more violations, your ratio will be back to 0.00.


the total number of violations doesnt change though but after a while they stop contributing to your grade level. they are kind of like landings, over a long time you accumulate them and you should be proud of them


Oh well, that’s nice!
Thanks for your response!

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You’re right, it’s all about our effort and the learning parts of it after all, so yeah.

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