Will my IOS Device be charged if I log in whit an IFC pro subscription account bought on an android device

I logged in whit my IFC account on a Samsung galaxy 10,
In which I bought my pro subscription and linked my community account on.

And I’m planning to have IF on my IPad Pro. so I was wondering if when I log in into my IFC account on my IOS would it charge me on the Apple device if I logged in to my IFC account

And if would I still be able to renew on the android device(Samsung)


No, you’ll not be charged twice :)
One of the main purposes with having your account linked to a Community profile, is to be able to use your subscription & account across multiple devices.

More information can be found here:


THX for the answer I really didn’t wanted to get charged twice HAHA, well I can now have IF pro on to devices :)

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