Will my IF stay on?

Hello everyone,

abit of a random question for you all today but i hope someone can assist me ,

I’m currently away from my house and have my IF (IPAD) on at home and i didn’t realise this until i left today and it’s too late to turn back home now and end the flight im currently on…

I downloaded infinite flight on my phone and logged into my account and then started a flight on my phone …

My question now is that is the IF on my IPAD going to be disconnected because that’s what i’m hoping to do, as i won’t be home for a day and don’t want to receive violations …


Hello! Unfortunately, I believe there’s no way to do this.

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no there is a way… i think i sorted it by starting a flight i. my phone. just wondering if that actuslly fixed it

In simple terms, the flight on your iPad is doomed.

The throttle will have been cut, and as a result your plane will be loosing speed and descending. It’s entirely possible that you’ll get violations for speed.

You can only have your account active on 1 device at a time, so by starting a flight on your phone, it disconnects the throttle on your iPad.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t actively try flying on 2 devices.

I’m not sure but i may be doomed :/ which is quite sad but i hope there’s a way.

Is your iPad plugged in?

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ofc i was doing a long haul.

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I may have a solution but not sure if it would work could you try and FaceTime your iPad as then the flight may end if done enough times? Also did you try and track your flight on live flight?

At the end of the day it’s my fault . I’ll just have to take the violations :D thank you all tho

5Head move my friend, I believe your flight would got disconnected and throttle cut because you started the other flight.

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It isn’t disconnected I just checked via this and it says it’s flying.

I can’t really help too much, but I can tell you that you haven’t received any just yet.

Acording to LiveFlight you are still cruising.

I guess I could load up and disconnect you should you wish. Won’t result in a violation.


Ah okay, that’s a shame. I thought it also disconnected.

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yes that’s great could you disconnect me :)

You have been disconnected.

Not sure if that will trigger your iPad to turn off or not, but we’ll see.

I would suggest attempting to remember if you are flying before you leave next time.

Have a nice morning/afternoon/evening!


i really appreciate this thanks Adam, yes next time i will remember and thanks all for your help! ik it’s a abit random!! :D

have a good day guys , this topic can now be closed


Problem solved with liberal use of the report button.