Will my account still work if i switch to android

Hey guys,

Just looking for some information before i make a purchase. I recently purchase my yearly sub to IF, i play IF on my apple ipad. I plan on buying a laptop tomorrow but it has the google play store on it. Just wondering will my sub and account still work?

Thanks Gary

yes, it will work as long as you use your same account

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you may have to purchase a game again in google play store but you can login to your same accout in game!

It should work as long as you login with the same account. However, IF is only available for handheld devices so I am not sure if it is available for a laptop if you buy one!

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Perfect thanks for the feedback, appreciate it

This won’t work. You might have google play on it, but you won’t be able to download Infinite Flight.

If you want to move to an android device like a phone or table you will have to purchase the app again, but after that, you can log in with the same account as before.

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Actually @Chris_Wing, I had Infinite Flight downloaded on my Chromebook laptop (which has the play store on it), and it worked perfectly fine.

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I was just sent more info about it now its called i chromebook 🤷‍♂️ Its classed more as i notebook I believe

It might run, but it is defiantly not optimised to run on it.

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Hey there!

If you are trying to play infinite flight on a laptop then it is currently not possible without a emulator.

You can check out emulators here ( although they are not advised.

But if you are using a Tablet then you will need to buy the game again but if you link your account on the originals phone. Then you can just log in on the new one 🙂


To summarize and add to what was said above:

  • Chromebook is not supported. Some have been able to run it and some have not. Your experience may differ.

  • When changing platforms, you will need to repurchase the app itself from the new play store.

  • As long as your Infinite Flight account is linked to either a Facebook or a Google account, your can use it on any platform we support.



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Like said above, This has nothing to do with emulators

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