Will my 747 make it

I took of about 20 minutes ago from Frankfurt and heading to Los Angeles, and I’m flying at 32,000 feet. It says I have 8 hrs left of fuel, but I have 11 hrs of flight! Will I make it? What should I do?

It depends. Usually the time will go up once the throttle is reduced and you reach your cruising altitude. I would wait until you finish your climb and see what it says then.

I wouldn’t count to it, best to just end the flight.

Unless you wanted to start another long haul, why would you fly it out and end it if it gets close to the destination and still won’t make it

I’d just say plan for 8 hours and find any diversion airports in that range, also I’d recommend to lower to a lower altitude like around FL280.

Depending on how heavy you are, your engines will have to work very hard to keep you at speed. Harder working engines = more fuel consumption. The longer you fly, the lighter your plane will get and the less fuel you’ll use. As long as you put enough fuel in your plane to reach your destination, you should be okay.

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Yeah not a chance. IRL it would make it no bothers but the physics are so old and jank in IF I’d be surprised if it makes it to JFK.



I would go as slow as possible to conserve. fuel.

BTW I ended the flight. This topic can be closed. Thank you!

I mean you could have asked for someone to spawn in a tanker and fly up and refuel you

Divert to a nearby airport, and recalculate your weight and balance. Better to be safe than sorry!

Actual solution and not just more noise:

Fear not, because your plane will get lighter and therefore need less power and fuel consumption, which increases your fuel range. Also, once you start descending and slowing down, you’ll use very little (or at least very reduced) fuel.

The fuel remaining is just how much is remaining at that present time, at that power setting, etc

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Yes… go at 1 knot!

I would recommend circling back to Frankfurt or any other airport that can handle the 747 if over water check remaining fuel to see if you have enough to circle back.

This is only possible in the military aircraft.

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