Will KGRB ever be completed?

The airport looks incomplete and you only park your plane at one place and that is terminal. image
And the terminal looks incomplete.
Will it ever be finished?

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Yes maybe when global flight comes, also maybe @Kilt_McHaggis or @Patrick_U :P

I believe I edited this a while back. The issue will be shipped with our next update.

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Kilt’s on vacation and I’m only doing Japan.

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Everybody is busy with other airports. But maybe i can do it when i’m done with OMDW.

And i think this must be in the #support category


I might re-do this. If I do I will tell you :)

Edit: I believe @Freddiefrogs has already done it?

The issue is reopened

I have exams so struggling to get to do this stuff. I sent it off but I never got a reply. I’ll try and resubmit it tomorrow but I can’t promise anything. It was reopened because it hasn’t been officially accepted.

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