Will it get deleted?

Hi. My IF is not opening and keeps crashing when I try opening it. I tried restarting my IPad, it didn’t work. So I’m thinking about deleting and reinstalling the app. If I delete IF, do all my replay files get deleted? If there is any other way to open IF, please let me know.

Hi! First of all, reinstalling the app will make you lose all your replays just to answer your question. Can you confirm you are on the latest app version? You can do this by going to your respective App Store and seeing if the app requires updating. Have you also attempted closing the actual app out?

I updated my app yesterday to 21.5. I was flying the A339 this morning, but now the app doesn’t open.

What do you mean by closing the app out?

Like if you are on an IOS with a home button you can double tap it and swipe up on apps open. Sometimes crashes don’t completely close the app out since it was previously opened

Oh ya I did that many times. It still didn’t open

Is there any other way?


Unfortunately this is bit of a tricky situation.
As you can’t open the app, you can’t export the replays… and the only solution to this problem is to reinstall the app :(

😔😔 ok. Thanks for the help

Infinite flight used about 20GB of my storage so I guess it’s better to reinstall it😅

It sucks, i know. I had it happen on another app on iOS where i lost loads of important stuff. Learned to backup stuff the hard way.

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