Will IPad Air 2 be able to run IF on full settings

Will IPad Air 2 be able to run IF smoothly on full settings?

  • Yes
  • No

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Probably, I think it’s pretty good

it has 2GB ram

If it has 2gb of RAM, it should work fine. Though I’d check first on the forum, there are/were several users who have/had problems with the Ipad Air 2.

I’d have the settings like this:

Terrain: MEDIUM
Plane quality: HIGH / VERY HIGH
Water: HIGH

Runs fine for me.
Fine being 60 FPS solo and at the most busiest moments in SoCal 40-60 FPS

Well I run a iPad air on all max settings and it works great and is very smooth!

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Works very well! I use one myself with almost highest settings and it works tremendously good!

I have had mine since it came out and it still works as good on IF everything full and no lag whatsoever, the iPad Pro might be a better choice as its more future proffer so the extra money you pay will allow it to probably last a few more years over the air 2.

But crashes if you’re recording at highest settings without frame limiter,especially on the dash 8

You tell me. It’s an iPad man.

I have a iPad Air 2 and it’s fine

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Works perfectly at highest settings all the time. Only ever slight issue is when there is traffic at 60fps

I play IF on my iPad Air 2 on full settings and it works perfectly for me.


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